Thursday, 11 June 2015

10 team building tips

1) Good Morning

When you enter in the office, before sitting on your desk, smile and say good morning to the team. Yes, E V E R Y day.

2) Listen when someone is talking to you.

When a team member is talking to you, look him in the eyes and show interest in what he is saying.

3) Give space, build trust

Let team member fail sometimes and repair from their failures.
You may be always right, but who cares?! Other people need to learn to fail and take responsibilities.

4) Connect

Go and take a coffee with each person in the team separately.

5) Congratulate

When someone does something good, tell her/him!

6) Keep your personal problems out of work.

Don't shout at people because your last evening was bad.

7) Do pair programming

Great way to share knowledge and build solid work relationships.

8)  Feedback

Do code reviews without sounding the king of the programming universe. Explain in a calm and friendly tone whatever you want to say.

9) Have lunch together

If possible go regularly to lunch with as many team members as possible.

10) See you tomorrow

When you leave in the evening, if you are not the last person in the team left, say goodbye.

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