Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Gmail like outlook

We migrated from Outlook to Gmail here at work recently. I love the flat design of Gmail, but I also love the Outlook preview panel on the right when you click on the emails.
So, after a bit of research (and the help of a colleague, thanks Gordon!), I found what I was looking for :

Steps :

  1. On the left panel of your Gmail, where you have the list of your labels,  click on the more link.
  2.  Now click on Manage Labels link.
  3. Here click on the Labs tab.
  4. In the "Search for a lab:" enter  preview pane .
  5. Click on Enable option.
  6. Gmail will reload.
  7. On the top right of the screen there will be a new a drop down menu :
  8. Choose Vertical Split.
  9. Thank me later.

Monday, 2 February 2015

SimpleReact : Simple Functional Reactive Programming for Java 8

We (the very productive and small team I work with here in Aol) have just released a very lightweight functional reactive programming library for Java 8. It builds entirely on pre-existing JDK 8 libraries (so functional interfaces, Streams, CompletableFuture) and makes it very easy to create asynchronous reactive dataflows.

Getting started

Getting started is as simple as setting up a basic Reactive flow such as the following and evolving from there -
 List<String> strings = new SimpleReact()
            .<Integer> react(() -> 1, () -> 2, () -> 3)
            .then(it -> it * 100)
            .then(it -> "*" + it)

This will result in a list, that looks something like this :

Although not necessarily in that order. All the work will be done asynchronously, and the block() method blocks the current thread until all the work is complete (& blocking the current thread is optional). See more examples on the SimpleReact wiki .

Adding SimpleReact as a dependency

SimpleReact is available on Maven Central.


compile group: '', name:'simple-react', version:'0.1'