Friday, 19 September 2014

Tridimensional developers

Working in the industry for a while, I noticed different behaviors between developers.

These differences are mostly related to their personalities, their team spirit and finally their entrepreneurship skills.

I identified 3 types or better 3 dimensions in which I can fit all the people I work and worked with.
Before starting and describing these dimensions, I just want to point out couple of important things.
  1. This has nothing to do with how good you are with the code or design or testing. You can be the best kickass-bruce-lee-coder, but still entering in the mono-dimensional category.
  2. This has also nothing to do with your level of seniority, I saw Juniors that can perfectly fit in the tridimensional category and team leaders falling in the mono-dimensional one. 
  3. This is perfectly applicable to ANY workplace and ANY type of job and ANY industry.
  4. It is just my point of view in a boring Friday afternoon.
So lets start :)

Mono-Dimensional Developer

You work daily at your stories/tasks

You participate to meetings about process and technologies

You communicate with other team members about status
updates, risks and issues encountered

You create and/or maintain software applications 

You keep updated yourself about emerging technologies and trends

Bidimensional Developer 

You cover the Mono-dimensional points

You help team members without being asked directly

You share with your team what you learned using slides/blogs/etc.

You actively participate to process and technology meetings, asking questions and/or proposing solutions.

Tridimensional Developer

You cover the Bidimensional points

You create, propose and promote new processes and technologies

You take team building actions when needed without being asked directly

You actively participate to meetings other than process and technology

You create blogs/wikis/etc in order to facilitate communication without being asked directly

You see opportunities everywhere and you act on them.

So which developer are you?

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