Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fluent mirror methods

How important is the readability of the code you write?
I think very important, probably one of the key to success in delivering good working and maintainable software.

This article is about a simple technique to help you and the people working on your code to fast understand what's happening.

I called this technique fluent mirror methods, and usually I wrap all these kind of methods in a single class called Dictionary. 

A fluent mirror method is a simple static method returning the same object passed. For example:

public static <T> T executing(T type) {
                return type;

You can use these methods as follows:

import static org.grep4j.core.Grep4j.grep; 
import static org.grep4j.core.fluent.Dictionary.on;
import static org.grep4j.core.fluent.Dictionary.executing;
import static org.grep4j.core.fluent.Dictionary.expression;
import static org.grep4j.core.fluent.Dictionary.with;

assertThat(executing(grep(with(expression("Marco")), on(profile))).totalLines(), is(1));

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